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Outdoor Court Renovation

Commercial and residential court repairs can be tedious and complicated. Sometimes job details change. We ensure a smooth experience and clear communication throughout all of our jobs. We specialize in the design and construction of all types of sport courts.

Indoor Court Construction

We have indoor construction experience with full custom indoor tennis pickleball  and basketball courts. We can also work with contractors on large scale jobs from start to finsh. We have the team that will deliver all jobs to your design details and specifications. We specialize in the design and construction of hard court applications.

Court Surface Maintenance

We offer surface maintenance services for business and personal courts.

Seasonal opening:

Schedule your court opening plan with us.

Seasonal monthly plan:

Schedule your court monthly plan with us.

Seasonal closing:

Schedule your court closing plan with us.

Phone: 248-534-8784

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Court Coating & Products

Creating multi-game court lines is a solution for different games on one court. We use the best products by SportMaster.

Accessory Sales & Installation

We sell top quality products and materials to accessorize any court. We can install all of the products we sell. 

Clay Tennis Courts

Clay tennis courts are beautiful to play on, but require more maintenance. We offer seasonal maintenance plans.

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